Tuesday, June 17

It's not the heat...

I'm a Californian. The temperature of my runs is largely dictated by which direction I go from the house--toward the ocean will likely be cooler, inland will be warmer. Humidity is rarely much of an issue either way, unless I happen to be out in the evening when the dew is falling. Normally I check my pace on my wrist GPS about every half mile during a run.

I recently signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October. We all know how that went last year. It's been a long time since I did much running in the midwest.

This past week, I've been staying in Oklahoma, visiting family. The humidity has been dragging me down considerably--my pace hasn't been too far off of normal, but my runs just feel a lot longer and slower. Basically, I've been checking my GPS every third of a mile, and it always feels like it's been a half mile. So the seven mile run I did the day before yesterday was feeling pretty long even before it started raining. This is starting to concern me because I don't want my 26.2 in October to feel like 39.3.

Assuming most of you live in the Midwest somewhere (Missouri, Ohio), how do you deal with the humidity? Does your body just adjust to it at some point, or are there things that I could be doing to feel better?

Wednesday, June 4


I've had a good six months of racing. I scored a three year PR in a 5K, a WAVA PR in a half-marathon, and an actual PR in a marathon. My marathon time qualifies me for the 2009 Boston marathon and I have qualified for the 2008 New York half-marathon.

Despite these pleasing race times, every one of you who has toed the line with me has beat me in at least one race. You know who you are.

My birthday is July 12th which falls on the date of the "Y Not Run" five and ten kilometer race at Highland Springs. I hope all of you can join me for a pizza lunch early that afternoon. I have not planned where to meet but I have set aside funds to treat the group. You are also encouraged to bring a significant other.