Friday, January 28

An exacting blog post

Since buying my shoes last July, I've gone running 29 times.

I didn't run at all in October.

My longest runs have been 5-milers.

I've run one 5K and was disappointed in my time but I felt like I was really starting to get back in shape.

I don't want to give too many other statistics from my running log right now, but I'm sitting on the couch thinking about running and probably in an hour or so I'll head out into the snowy wonderness and go for a 3-mile run.

I was mapping out a run a few minutes ago and wondering about length --- How important is it to run exactly 3-miles? Or exactly 2-miles?

Yesterday, I woke up feeling good. Then when I stood up and got out of bed, I had a tremendous headache. Since I'd only planned to go for a two-mile run, I headed out the door. However, the head-ache didn't go away so I cut the run short to slightly over one mile.

Anyhow, gotta keep on running and get back in shape.