Sunday, March 27

60 minutes

Today I went to the park and explored the trails and ran for about an hour. I marked this down as 5 miles in my log. That's got to be close to correct. I'm not sure.

When I ran 5 miles last week, it was just over 60 minutes.

I don't want to focus too much on time or distance. I ran for 60 minutes and I could have possibly run longer.

I had two moments where I walked briefly as the trails disappeared and clearly I'd taken wrong turns. But I enjoyed myself and had a good run.

Although it will be sure nice when the weather warms up. I left my car with bare hands and before I got to the trailhead, I turned back and got my gloves. I figured since I was wearing running pants with big pockets, I could put the gloves in there if I got too warm.

But I did not get too warm.

I also ran to Michigan as a Michigan park butts up again the park where I was at. I will explore that more in the future.

Today was a good day. Any day when you can go running for an hour is a good day.


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