Wednesday, March 30

New pedometer

I bought a pedometer the other day, mostly to get a feel for how much I walk when I'm at work. Sometimes late at night when I'm the only one I walk laps around the newsroom to break up the monotony.

I've always been a little leery if how well pedometers can measure your steps and calculate that out to a mile. Surely every step isn't mechanically the same.

But anyway, it will be good for guesstimations and also it will give me more motivation not to be tied to my seat while I'm at work.

So for today's walking workout for the purposes of calibration I wrote down the number on my pedometer, walked half a mile from home and wrote down the number. Turned around, came back home and wrote down the number. Then I did a 1.25 mile loop and wrote down that number.

I'll write down those numbers here and then do the math a little later.

starting number --- 1592
after .5 miles ------2763
after another .5 ----3759
after 1.25 miles ----6215

What was even better about this evening's workout is I ran 2 miles in the morning so it was a double work-out day. I did break a sweat or two in the evening so I believe it definitely counts as a workout.

And I'm pretty sure I've read that you burn about the same amount of calories whether you're running or walking. So all in all, a good day.

I am thankful for this day.


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