Friday, March 25

Time for new shoes

I went to a park earlier this week and ran some miles on trails.

I also ran up a tubing hill a couple of times at the end. I think I should have done the hills earlier as I had trouble making it to the top vertically at the end.

But it was good.

I'm thinking about buying some new trail shoes for running out at that park.

I'm wondering how soon I should buy regular new running shoes. I've got about 106 miles on my current shoes which doesn't feel like enough to buy new shoes, but they're almost a year old so that kind of makes me wonder.

I'm a little leery of asking shoe sellers if I should buy new shoes because I fear their answer might always be yes, you need new shoes.

But right now I feel good. My legs feel a little tired so I'm taking some more time off before running again.

My main goal is to go running after church on Sunday and continue trying to push my schedule so it won't feel too strange to continue to be awake at 10 a.m.

This race will definitely have a late start but I'm excited about that.


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