Monday, March 21

Kyrie Elieson

Today I ran five miles. It felt good. At times I wondered about the run and about my legs, but in the end, I'm happy with how it went.

In the beginning my plan was to mix in some walk breaks to force myself to take it easy. However, I looked at my watch and decided that I was running so slow I didn't need walk breaks.

I just needed to relax and stay in a groove of some kind.

I found the best way to stay in the groove was to repeat some prayers, the Lord's prayer, the Hail Mary and the Jesus Prayer.

The Jesus prayer worked best. The full prayer, I think, is Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.

I started it with you two words in Greek - Kyrie eleison. Then when I added the English translation of those two words, I had a really good groove - Kyrie eleison, Lord, have mercy. One repetition would be almost exactly 8 steps.

That's three runs and I think I'll take off at least two days to recover and see how my legs feel after this five mile run.

But the couch to 10K plan is working smoothly so far.

If I can run 5 miles today, I can definitely run 6 miles in three weeks.

Life is beautiful when you can set a goal and steadily work towards it.


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