Thursday, September 2

First time doing decline push-ups

It's been over a week since I've been running.

The main issue has been catching up with sleep since my shift on Thursday. It's raining now and since I'm wearing glasses and not contacts I'm not as keen to run in the rain.

Maybe I'll go out tomorrow morning for a 2-mile run.

One of the problems with working this overnight shift is that mornings, afternoons and nights don't seem to mean the same thing.

The natural order of things used to be going to sleep at night, waking up in the morning. Now, I guess I need to sleep in the morning and be awake at night.

I had been sleeping in the afternoon but my schedule change has made me try to shift to sleeping in the mornings.

I've been trying to keep up with the push-ups but it's tough, especially when I'm not as well rested as I should be.

Today I took a break from the 100-pushup plan I'd been following and did some decline push-ups which I'd found on the internet. To do decline push-ups, you put your legs up on a chair or on some steps so that you can go lower.

I think it was a good change of pace.


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