Wednesday, August 25

Today's run

Wearing a watch makes me feel slow but it also helps me to have some sense of my progress.

Today's run was initially going to be six miles but I was having trouble relaxing and mentally enjoying the run so I cut it short to five instead of 6.

The loop I was running had a half-mile straight away and also I knew when I would be a half-mile from the end so I timed myself three times on a half-mile stretch.

The first time I didn't speed up I just wanted the pace I was running to get started as comparison. 5:45.

The second time I tried to speed up and was disappointed to see 5:45.

The third time I tried to push myself a bit harder and saw small improvement at 5:37.

The last time, half-a-mile from home, I saw marked improvement at 5:30.

It was strange that on the last half-mile I also worried that my form was completely breaking down. But so be it. All in all, a good work out that I'm happy with. Not thrilled with, but I'm definitely making some progress.

I will rest at least 24 hours. Maybe I'll get a quick 3-4 mile run in before work depending on what time I get to sleep and wake up tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll just try to stretch and relax.

I should probably look for relaxation exercises.


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