Monday, August 30

New schedule

My schedule at work keeps shifting. Unfortunately, it's not as easy for me to change schedules and still get enough sleep as it is for my boss to move hours around on a spreadsheet.

I haven't run since Wednesday, partially because I feel like without enough sleep I'm close to getting injured. My plans continue to involve focusing on my 100-push-up workout plan and doing longer runs.

Additionally, I've made the decision that I'm not going running with a watch for the next two weeks. I don't look at my watch all that often when running, but I need to make sure i focus on getting moving again and not worry too much about the time.

It's interesting the way this push-up plan is set up. It's a 6-week plan but this is my third week on week 5 and I started on week 3 if I remember correctly. Yet, there are three separate workout columns for week 5 and this week I go from the easiest to the next hardest.

I'm progressing slowly but surely with emphasis on slowness and sureness also. Also, a wee bit of soreness also.


Blogger R said...

Running without a watch seems like a good idea. Focus on how your body feels instead of what your time is (or what you wish it was).

September 06, 2010 10:02 AM  

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