Wednesday, September 8

6 is the new 3

From rslight:
I'm in the middle of training for the Nov. 7 Bass Pro Marathon, which will be my 11th marathon. I started training in June with very low expectations. I'm under so much stress (related to work and auto repairs) that I feared my problems would sabotage my running.
However, the opposite has happened. Running for double-digit mileage has helped get my mind off of my struggles. I look forward to my long runs, and feel stronger and faster as the summer winds down.

I'm not sure what goal to set for race day. Should I merely try to beat my 4:16:22 personal record? Should I aim to go under 4 hours?
I'm following the competitive marathoner plan in "The Runner's Training Diary" by Coach Bob and Coach Shelly Glover. I'm on week 9, which calls for 46 miles total. I really like the way the plan sprinkles in a lot of 6-mile runs throughout the week. I had been used to daily runs of 3 or 4 miles, but this plan has me better prepared for 10Ks. Six is the new 3.


Blogger Jim Evans said...

Run as many nine minute miles as you can. I tried that in OKC and it turned out I could run more than 26 of them.

September 09, 2010 8:55 PM  

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