Friday, January 18

Too cold

My initial plan with teaching this class was that I would get up early run a few miles and then get on campus well before class started at 9. However, I've just been happy so far to get up in time to wash and walk to the class building, which is on the other side of campus from where I live downtown.

Today I couldn't sleep. After taking a long time to initially fall asleep, tossing and turning a bit in bed at least until midnight, I woke up just before 5. Well, I thought maybe I'd go run.

First I decided to walk out and pick up a newspaper from a box a block away from my house. On the way back, I decided that it's just too cold to go running. Now, it's not that cold and if I got dressed and bundled up I'd be fine.

But I'm not training for anything right now. So, I'll wait until later in the day when it's a wee bit more reasonable before running.

With Monday's long run, I've already increased my mileage more than I should have over last week's total. D'oh!

I need to get in a routine soon for this class and it hasn't happened yet.


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