Tuesday, January 8


I got yelled at today. And not just me. Rslight as well.

We went out to Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. There was a big sign plopped right in front of the entrance gate that said "Road Closed." But we figured it was OK to run.

So we went out for the super hilly 5-mile loop. It was great fun, but I kept wondering how serious the "road closed" sign was.

Well as we completed the loop this park ranger wanted to have a word with us. WHAT DID YOU THINK THAT SIGN MEANT? He said. Or something like that. I forget his exact words. I just thought he seemed a bit silly.

We said we thought it meant closed for cars but not necessarily pedestrians. After all, I'd paid for a year's pass on Saturday. I wanted to use it. I didn't say that because he didn't ask.

Anyhow, it was a great hilly workout. (It would have been better if I'd had breakfast.) Next time I think I'll check at the front desk, especially if there's a road closed sign.

But all in all, a good start to the day. Even with the screaming.


Blogger rslight said...

Yes, the park ranger was a genuine jerk.
Still, it was worth the admonishment to run up Bloody Hill.

January 09, 2008 9:31 AM  

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