Saturday, January 12

Some get it

Ready ready ready ready ... ready to run -- Dixie Chicks, Ready to Run

There's a big reason why I (rslight) sometimes like to wear a race shirt in public (aside from occasionally getting behind on laundry). I enjoy wearing a medal the day after a marathon or half in the city I ran it in.
The great majority of the public couldn't care less about running. However, periodically you'll pass another runner, and there's a wonderful quick moment when you see that spark of recognition on his or her face. They get it. They understand the effort. They've felt the passion.

Take Sunday, for example. I was on the fifth mile of my 14-mile run at Springfield's Nathanael Greene Park when I passed a man and woman meandering along a trail. The man looked up and excitedly asked, "When's the next race?"
I was extremely flattered. He had identified me as a runner! And not only that. A runner with a purpose!
It was so unlike those middle school years when my peers told me I should stay in the classroom because I "totally sucked" on the track.
I proudly told him I was training for the Little Rock Marathon. It turned out this guy has done, like, 28 marathons. As if he couldn't help himself, he went about a mile with me, answering some questions I had about various races. He insisted that Disney Marathon is the best.
He mentioned he ran Boston Marathon twice. I told him I intend to qualify for Boston. (Eventually.) He told me I should find a flat course for a qualification attempt. He said it a bit confidentially, as if that is a big secret.
While reminding me about the apparently awesome size of the Little Rock medal, he suddenly tensed up. "Wait," he said. "Where did my wife go?"


Blogger bl said...

I want to qualify for Boston.

But I'm sure it's painfully obvious that I've got to do things a bit differently.

When I qualify for Boston, hopefully in 2009, but possibly in 2010, it will be on a hilly course. Perhaps in the high desert. Perhaps in Memphis.

January 12, 2008 10:45 AM  
Blogger R said...

I'd like to, too. But I'm not going to in March.

I am, however, going to run a marathon in March.

January 13, 2008 8:08 PM  

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