Thursday, January 10

not exactly inspirational

Well, yesterday was my best day since returning to Southern California. I dragged myself off to the gym for a yoga class, and it felt so good to be moving again, I decided to do a nice long run today, armed with the idea that it would help me toward my goal of running the L.A. marathon again, and that it's a waste of the beautiful weather not to go running.

Since my roommates weren't around and there was no one to run with, I called K in Texas, to tell him my planned route and estimated time of return. Just in case.

The route was basically from my house to the Pacific Coast Highway and back, going around the back bay. A nice 15 miles or so, easy pace. Just out to be out. By the time I reached the back bay, though, one of my new shoes didn't feel quite right. I stopped and retied it, and went on. A few miles later, I stopped again to retie the shoe. Something was not right in the toebox, but I didn't know what exactly was happening and was so close to the midpoint of the loop that it didn't really make sense to turn back. By then, though, I knew that the rest of the run would not be very comfortable. I went a few more miles, and made it almost to the end of the loop, where there's a small but steep hill. I stopped to retie the shoe once more, hoping to make it more comfortable. I pulled my foot out of the shoe to see if anything was in there, and was about to put the shoe back on, when I noticed that the sock had a bloody stain on it.

I knew right then, that if I took off that sock, I wouldn't keep running. But I took it off--what on earth could be happening to my toes? One of the little ones was just covered in blood and pus--very disgusting. I put the sock and shoe back on, then noticed that the shoe itself had a blood stain. Ew.

Long story short, I limped slowly back home. Unfortunately, since I'd been sweaty while running, I was pretty well chilled by the time I returned to find I'd missed some calls from K, who was actually already trying to contact my neighbor to check on me. Luckily, he didn't get her before I called him.

I cleaned off my foot, though, and the crazy thing is that despite all the goo on my BRAND NEW SHOE, the origin of said goo is unclear. I can't tell where any blood might have come from at all, and suspect that there's a broken blister between my toes where the skin is thin enough not to show it. So everything looks fine... except the shoes I've worn twice now, which have dried mud and blood on them.

All that, and then, feeling like crap, when I called in to my tutoring job, it turned out I had been downsized but they hadn't actually bothered to tell me that they had combined my class with another and didn't need me anymore.


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