Wednesday, January 9

Inspiration, part two

I've been thinking a lot about R's post on inspiration.

Could I inspire her to run? I don't know. I hope so. But what could I say.

But also, it's reminded me of that book, The Life of Pi.

I love the way it starts off with the guy saying that he'll tell the writer a story that will make him believe in God. I need to read that again.
I remember running once and getting into a rhythm, which is how poems come sometime. Or try to come.
And I remember lines something to the effect of I am running the race that will make you believe in God.
I don't know. That poems hasn't really been written yet. It's barely a fragment.

But perhaps the answer is to dream about running, fantasize about running. If that doesn't make it happen, well, it's OK not to run sometimes. I tend to be pretty driven. And I have to remind myself that sometimes it's OK to take a break.
Perhaps you body or your soul is telling you something. If you don't have to run, maybe you don't have to. Take some time and go sailing. We don't talk about sailing that much on this blog, but it's a lot of fun and a good workout too. Or so I've been read to believe by reading your posts on some other blog.

You could also take some of the time that you would spend running, and instead spend it baking. Baking bread or baking cookies. And then send some to people. Your mother and father. Your sister. Your fiance.
Or perhaps to me, since it was my idea.

So I don't know if this is pretty inspiring or not. I guess I'll see if those cookies ever arrive.

And baking cookies for yourself might also inspire you to run because you'll want to burn off the calories. And that's inspirational too!


Blogger R said...

I've lost six pounds since Christmas... maybe I should be eating more cookies....

January 10, 2008 6:55 PM  
Anonymous bl said...

here's an inspirational video:

January 10, 2008 9:05 PM  

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