Friday, June 29

Rabbits and turtles and squirrels, oh my!

Last night I set my alarm clock for 5:30 in hopes of getting out the door early and running at the nature center. After only hitting snooze a few times, I was on my way.

It was supposed to be a tough workout run before the sun got out too high and too hot. I'm torn. It was tough, but I'm not sure it was as tough as I'd hoped.
As Paul Tergat says, "Ask yourself, can I give more? Usually the answer is yes."
Yes, I could have given more today. I know I could have. Interesting how I read in Runner's World how perceived effort almost never matches actual effort when it's hot outside.

Anyhow, it was nice because the trees formed such a complete canopy for most of the run. And I saw so much wildlife. I've been seeing a lot of rabbits lately, but today I also saw turtles. Were they racing? I don't know. Squirrels tended to dart around quite a bit also. There was one bird I started chasing. I think it was a turkey or something similar. Actually I wasn't chasing it until it started running in a straight line in front of me. And clearly it was running from me and it's head was bobbing up and down in a cute way. Well that made it a chase because I wanted to see if I could catch it.

This is not generally a good idea.

I say that because at one point I ran into the side of a bridge because I was watching the bird instead of watching the trail. I was closing in on the bird when it decided to run off the trail and hide. If I could have communicated with the bird, I would have told it that I wasn't a hunter. Oh well.


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