Sunday, June 24

Enjoy it while you can

Today I ran 12 miles, starting at 8:30. Whew. It was hot. I ran out of gatorade. I survived. And I wasn't too far off a decent pace. Did I mention it was humid too?

Then I found a nice refreshing story on the internet. Dick Westerlund just won his age group at the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth. He didn't even know it until looking in the paper the next day. His time: 4 hours, 21 minutes. His age group: 70 and up.

An excerpt from the story :

Westerlund's time at Grandmas Marathon qualifies him to run the Boston Marathon, a race which he has never done.

But someday.

"I'm waiting for my running partners (Larry Pederson and Fred Woolman) to qualify, too, and then we'll run Boston together.

"It wouldn't be right to run it myself. We're not spring chickens anymore; we've run together for a long time but it would really be fun to run Boston with them.''

In the meantime, he'll keep running locally, and dominating his age division.

"One year I'm golden,'' he said. "Next year I'll be 71 and somebody who just turned 70 will probably whip me.

"So enjoy it while you can.''

Now that's an inspiration.


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