Thursday, June 21

Sure Thing

If Saturday's Aldersgate 10K in Nixa MO were a nationally televised event, you could rush to Las Vegas and bet everything on rslight getting a PR.
Wager the whole 401(K) and prepare to live like a Hilton. My Aldersgate PR will be my fourth PR for June. Very sweet.

You're wondering how rslight could be this arrogant or delusional. Has he bribed the race organizers? Is he on performance-enhancing drugs? Is he using roller shoes?
No. I'll set a 10K PR because my previous one was a (insert your own expletive) 1:03:38 set at December's Run for the Ranch. That was my first 10K. It was also the first time I ever ran as far as 6 miles in my life.

Last Saturday I finished Wimpy's 8K in 41:05. If I go that fast at Aldersgate, I will have more than 20 minutes to run the remaining 1.2 miles.
It's time to make the magic happen.


Blogger tangerine said...

Keep running. One day you will be in a televised event, and my sweet, early retirement will depend on you.

June 21, 2007 11:16 PM  

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