Wednesday, June 27

Wonderful run today

It was a good run today.

As I started out it was muggy and humid, but not too hot. Can't complain with that. I had a bottle full of Gatorade but I didn't really need it.

I was at the Galloway Creek trail and set out for the 4 mile marker. It was to be an out and back run, 8 miles total.

Somewhere just after mile 5 I saw two girls running and thought I'd be able to catch up to them. As I got a little closer, I noticed they were running with dogs and I knew if they were running as far as I was running I would pass them.

Alas, it wasn't to be. The skies opened up and they sped up as the rain started falling harder. I still would have passed them, but they were in the parking lot at mile 6 and I had two more miles to go.

I did pass one woman who said, "This is actually refreshing." Of course it's refreshing. I love running in the rain. But not the lightning. I hoped the lightning bugs I saw would be as electric as it got.

I tried to pick it up, but I was running without a watch so it's a little hard to say how much faster I got if any.

One thing I'll remember though. There's a spot where the trail goes under Battlefield Road and a big sign that says don't enter if there's high water. Well I couldn't see any high water but I did see water falling off the road. Running through their was like running through a waterfall. Before I got to that point, there may have been dry spots on my body. Afterwards I was completely wet. And I loved it.

I passed a few more people in both directions enjoying the rain also. And I got passed by people on bicycles.

At one point, I thought about doubling back and doing the first mile again for a 10-mile run. ("If I feel good then I fun faster no matter what the session. Don't waste good training time - if you feel good then run hard!" - John Ngugi) I was thinking, if you feel good, run longer. But after the last hill on the trail, I decided I was just going to try to run hard, not longer than planned today.

And there was no lightning, so I'm very happy with today's results.


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