Wednesday, June 27

Quote of the day

So I'm driving home after a relatively hard 8-mile run. Listening to the radio I hear an interview npr with the author of "And his Lovely Wife." Her name is Connie Schultz, not the last name of her lovely husband.

In one of her explanations of why she didn't change her name, she talked about how her parents died in their 60s, blue-collar folks, who worked hard all their lives. "They wore down their bodies so their children wouldn't have to," she said. And does the rest of it really matter? They raised four children who were somebodies and she loved her name.

But that sentence about parents who wore down their bodies so their children wouldn't have to was really moving.

It also made me wonder if I was breaking down my body. After that 8-mile run. But then, is it better to burn out than it is to fade away?

At one point during my run, the thought of overtraining floated through my mind. I bought some new shoes today. ( Mizuno Wave Nirvana). So anyhow, I mentioned to the lady in the store how MS says once he started running 50 mile weeks, his speed improved dramatically.

She said whenever she trains that much, she just wants to sleep and eat. Yeah, I have been tired lately. But then she said if you keep it up, your body adjusts.

My goal, again, is to average 40 mile weeks (at least) for the next couple of months as I prepare for the Twin Cities Marathon. That quality training will be me confidence to go out and run my hardest for the 26.2. We'll see how it goes.


Blogger MS said...

Interesting, I heard that same story, though I didn't make the connection in my mind that you did.

People say "all I wanted to do was eat and sleep" as if that was a bad thing. I mean, c'mon, who DOESN'T enjoy sleeping? Or eating? Many is the time that I've dreamed of doing one or the other while I was out running instead at 5:15 AM or some crazy time like that.

June 28, 2007 5:13 PM  

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