Saturday, June 30

Chicago Dreaming

One minute goes fast. -- Kelly Clarkson, My December album

Sure, but do 14 weeks? In case you haven't already heard a hundred times, I, rslight, am training for my first marathon at the Oct. 7 Chicago Marathon. I wonder if other people who prepare for their first marathon get as obsessed and goofy about it as I have.

I've got my Chicago maps. Chicago travel books. Like a total nerd, I've made notations of where water stations, entertainment, etc. are along the course. I'm reading novels about Chicago. Slap me if I start listening to the band Chicago.

At church this week my pastor gave a sermon about how one's main focus should be on God, and then on lost souls. Or something like that. My thoughts kept wandering to what that Chicago crowd will look like.
My singles Sunday school class has a sheet to sign for prayer requests. There are many serious requests. Some people need jobs. Others have relatives with varying illnesses.
What did I put? I asked for prayer to avoid injury during my Chicago Marathon training. That's right. I had the most selfish prayer request in the class. But hey, if you're a religious person, I really could use the prayer, or at least nice wishes if you're not.

My main challenge is surviving stress at work during the next three months. Sometimes I feel like my job is the marathon and running 26.2 miles is just something fun I'm doing on the side.
After a particularly tough day, I was heartened after receiving a mass e-mail from Chicago Marathon Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski.
Carey said: "My advice to you over the course of the next few months is to maintain your focus, be patient and remember that it is not going to be one or two training runs that will bring you to your goal, but the collective effort over many weeks that builds success.
"The challenge will be making it to the start line. If you can do that, you will be in for one of the great experiences of your life. The city of Chicago will be waiting to cheer you on and recognize your will and dedication. Train smart and good luck."


Blogger tangerine said...

Speaking of the stressful work we share, sometimes I don't like the fact my running schedule can be easily usurped by my work schedule. Last night, I worked late and got so tired, mentally, that I couldn't get up early enough to do my three miles. It turned out the weather remained relatively cool on Saturday and I was able to make it up.

As for your obsession with the upcoming marathon, you have my best wishes.

June 30, 2007 9:50 PM  
Blogger bl said...

Well, for five months prior to my first marathon, almost every check I wrote to my church was for $26.20.

You could just modify an old saying - God Country Notre Dame.

Make it something like - God Country Marathon.

Or something like that.

July 01, 2007 6:53 AM  
Blogger rslight said...

In reference to your comment about work, I mentioned to bl the other day a comment that Kenyan runner Paul Mbugua made in the book "First Marathons" I just read.
He is a professional athlete who spends his days training for runs.
Mbugua said, "I don't know how Americans can work and train at the same time and expect to be world-class runners."
I'm surprised so many working Americans can compete in long races at all. But if you love it, you obviously make time for it.

July 01, 2007 6:16 PM  

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