Sunday, June 10

Busiek adventure

Today's long run was tough, although in some ways it was also easy compared to what we've experienced in recent weeks. It was definitely a wee bit easier on the body because we were running on unpaved trails. However, these were steep unpaved trails. At times it seems like it was a 45 degree angle straight up. We walked that hill.

Still, I got a great workout and my heart rate was well elevated for two hours, just as it had been in recent weeks. After last week's near half-marathon pr, this was the change of pace that I needed. And it was nice that my car was situated near where we were running so that I could rehydrate effectively. The bad part was that we got lost and had no idea how to get off the nighmare roller coaster loop we were running and back to the car.

Did I mention we also had a couple of knee-deep river crossings to contend with. It seemed worse than it was. Actually it was refreshing to step into the water, the cool, cool water.

I definitely recommend Busiek State Forest for some good hard training to take you off the roads. Don't run for distance though. Run for time and effort. And your effort will be quality, I guarantee it. Without a quality effort, you won't make it back to your car.

And I swear I wasn't that dehydrated afterwards. So I don't know how to explain the guy who asked me for a quarter as I was walking back home from Quizno's. I mean this homeless looking guy asked for a quarter, but he didn't just ask for a quarter. He said he needed a quarter (parental discretion advised) to get his "old lady's tits out of the pawn shop." Really that's what he said.


Blogger bl said...

Jim - Here are some comments from a mountain biking site I found that I think describe the hill I told you about but we didn't make it to ---

For a hillier ride, west of 65 is the place to be. Go past the shooting range & the trail branches (white & Purple). Purple is a flatter ride and white branches itself a little further down - stay right where the white trail forks. There are a couple bad spots going up (basically unridable) but it does shape up into a nice hard ridable climb. At the top, it levels and then starts down the backside of the hill - good stuff here too but I didn't go all the way down. Lots of forest back here and a heavy canopy. Bring your water and bug spray
Great trails, great workout, great views! I had to share the road with a lot of horses and hikers on the trails on the east side of 65. If you want the trail to yourself, and are willing to climb till your lungs bust open, then head past the shooting range on the west side of 65. The trip up might kill you, but the ride down will convince you that you are in heaven.

The climbing is awsome. The view is sweet.

June 10, 2007 4:24 PM  

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