Wednesday, June 6

New Guiness World Record

Running a marathon is tough. Running a marathon into a strong headwind is even thougher. Running a marathon in under three hours? Still tougher.
But running a marathon while pushing a baby in a stroller into a strong headwind and setting the world record for fastest marathon run while pushing a stroller?
Some things you just can't make up.
This is what Michael Wardian did at the Fredrick (Md.) Marathon while pushing his 10-month old son. His time - 2 hours, 42 minutes and 21 seconds.

Here are some excerpts from the Q and A:

AC: Do you think your son was aware of what was happening during or after the race?
MW: I think that Pierce did have some idea that we were going for a long run but don't think he knew that we had set a World Record. He is only 10 months old.
AC: What was going through your mind during the race? Were you afraid that you might fall over and injure your son?
MW: My mind was focused on the task at hand, just like it always is during a race. I had mile goals and I was determined to hit them, even with the wind battering us. I was concerned that something could happen during the race and I wanted to make sure that Pierce was comfortable. But I was not more concerned than when we go to the store in the car, for a walk with the dogs, etc.

AC: Was that more difficult than running with a stroller or less difficult?
MW: I would say that the World Record with the stroller was more difficult because of the wind, the wind was very strong with gusts up to 35 mph.
AC: What's your favorite race that you've ever run? What's your least favorite race?
MW: My favorite race is always my next one, I love competing and being given the opportunity to test myself. My least favorite race is one when I don't perform up to the goals I have set for myself. However, these races when you fail are sometimes even more important than the races when you do well.

I like what he said about his favorite race. That's the way continuous running should be.


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