Saturday, June 9

No racing today - hill training

I had a couple of friends drive out to Marionville this morning for the 5K Running of the Squirrels. No report from teh yet.
At the time the race started, I was rolling out of bed determined to head to the trails and work out there. The earlier the better, right? Well, I think I got there too late in the day or I hadn't run on trails recently enough because it sure took a lot out of me. And on top of everything else, the trail was overgrown in some spots, had trees over it or in other spots it had rivers of mud.
It was a stressful week and I didn't eat particularly well yesterday. It's a good thing I didn't go racing.
But after about 50 minutes in the maze that is the Sac River Trails, I headed out to the huge hill nearby for four repeats. I used to go halfway up the hill but now I'm going all the way. Yeah, I didn't race today but I had an incredibly tough workout.
Next week I'm heading to Willard for an 8K. I think I'll try to do the shakeout run three hours before race time as well. That worked fairly well last time.


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