Saturday, August 14

A lightbulb goes off

Today was a good workout, probably one of my toughest workouts since I started running again.

Interestingly enough, it was only 3 miles, but it was a good 3-miles.

I tried to set up a route where I could check my watch halfway through and then attempt to run the second half faster than the first half.

My half-way spot wasn't necessarily perfectly placed, but I had a very good run and the second half was faster than the first half or very close. It definitely wasn't slower than the first half.

And I think anyone who saw me running the second half would have likely thought of me as a runner and not a jogger.

I was thinking that one problem with the route would be that one half would be hillier than the other and then a light bulb went off. In future runs of this type, I can simply run loops and that way it will be easier to make sure that my route is the same and of an equal distance.

Anyway, I'm very happy with today's progress. I felt pain last week while racing the 5K which I don't usually feel and I also felt a little pain while running today so I know I was pushing myself well.


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