Friday, January 4

One month

I just realized that today is Jan. 4. As in Jan. 4, a month after Dec. 4, my last day working for the newspaper.

I'm feeling a little sick today. (sniffle) I went running on Tuesday and my calf got real tight. I thought maybe it was something about how I was running. No, my body was just alerting me that it was about to get real dehydrated. But I think I'm kicking this cold.

Back to the significance of today. Before I realized that this was the fourth, I talked to someone about a freelance writing opportunity. I got new photos taken. I don't often get my picture taken. Not the greatest photos, mind you. BUT THEY ARE PASSPORT PHOTOS!!! I need to get my passport renewed if I'm going to do any real travelling. I'm excited about the prospect of that.

But first things first, I have to renew my passport.

I don't think my body wants to run today. I want to rest some more and hydrate so I can get rid of this cold. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel bunches better.

But today was a good day. Make that today was another good day.


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