Tuesday, November 27

The Importance of Diet for a Marathoner; or, Don't Devour Pixy Stix Right Before a Training Run

Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory.

Now, one might think that Pixy Stix shouldn't be too much of a problem if one is only going to do a short run, right? Ah, but then when I tell you it was supposed to be an interval run, that changes things a bit, doesn't it?

One minute of sprinting followed by one minute of jogging.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
For slightly more than two miles.
After having done several miles at more or less race pace.

The crazy thing is, I still managed negative splits on the out-and-back route. Fortunately, I've only got a headache now, and the sprints weren't as nausea-inducing as they could have been. But it was still a mistake.

At least it's not a mistake I make all that often. And this was not nearly as bad as the time I had Cheez-Its for dinner the night before (what was supposed to be) a 16-mile run. That was quite a memorable outing, for all the wrong reasons.



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