Thursday, November 22

Another piece of meat

So there was a poetry slam tonight. Most of you dedicated readers know this has been a crazy week for me. If you're a dedicated reader and you don'tknow what I'm talking about call me. I had a new poem I just wrote today and people loved it.
Here it is:

Another Piece of Meat

Big breasts, juicy breasts, plump breasts,
beautiful breasts, mouth-watering breasts.

We are breast men and breast women,
a nation of breast lovers.
And they hate us because of it.
They are the turkeys.
The turkeys hate us because of it.
They are the ones with breasts so big
they cannot stand up.
They cannot support the weight
of their cleavage.
They have wings, but they cannot fly.
They have legs, but they cannot run.
They can barely move.

They've got big breasts, juicy breasts, plump breasts,
breasts so nice you start to slobber
without even realizing it.

Genetically-engineered breasts,
breasts full of synthetic hormones,
breasts full of drugs and more juice
than Barry Bonds,
breasts far bigger than
Mother Nature ever intended.

And they just want to fly.
They're never going to fly.

Not without breast reduction surgery.
And that won't happen.
No cosmetic surgery for turkeys.

They're not going to fly, they're not going to fly,
they're never going to fly, they're only going to die.

And you, you're smacking your lips thinking about it,
remembering those holiday meals.
They were just another piece of meat.

Take a lesson, my friend, from the animal kingdom.

If you're going to be a turkey, be a flat-chested wild turkey.
Be a wild turkey.
I said, "Wild turkey."
Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.
The dirty bird.
The kicking chicken.

Have a good time.

And ladies, don't be jealous of the large-chested women.
They have their own problems.

Be thankful for what you got.
You are more than just another piece of meat.


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