Sunday, November 25

One week from today I race in Las Vegas

Are you ever ready for the race?
You go out every day to build your resume.
You train and you recover.
You flirt with the edge and sometimes you fall.
You try new vistas, climbs, and surfaces.
You find yourself in a rut and climb out.
You get hurt; you heal and go on.
You sometimes win; usually you lose.
You proudly display your awards.
You hide your disappointments.
You long for company.
You seek recognition; at least compassion.
You know you are on your own.
You plan and you log.
You check your progress at each marker.
You set goals.
Are you ever
Strong enough,
Fast enough,
Smart enough, or
Trained enough
For the race?


Blogger rslight said...

That's a good effort for a poem that doesn't feature breasts.

November 26, 2007 4:39 PM  

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