Sunday, November 11

Drinking more tea

I've come across a new year's resolution for 2008. Drink more tea.

It all started with this e-mail that popped into one of my inboxes:

Defrost your Belly
Imagine trying to cook your food in a pot of cold water. When you drink iced beverages, according to Ayurvedic practitioners, you are creating a similar halt to your digestive system. The cold temperature causes your digestion to temporarily slow down or stop. Instead opt for digestion-enhancing beverages. Felicia Tomasko, editor of LA Yoga and an Ayurvedic expert, says drinking hot water when you first wake up jumpstarts your metabolism, cleanses your body, and strengthens your digestive fire. To keep the internal fire burning, Tomasko advises drinking hot water throughout the day. She further suggests adding lemon for a cleansing effect, honey to scrape toxins from the body and stimulate fat metabolism, or a lime to cool excess acidity. Begin your Ayurvedic routine with the simple addition of hot water to your beverage list.

Now I don't know much about Ayurvedic routines. I'm not so sure about these e-mails I am getting.

But reading this e-mail a light went off. I was reminded of the Kenyans how the first thing they do every morning is drink some Kenyan tea. It's also one of the first things they do upon returning home after a run. Man, they drank a lot of tea. Perhaps this is some of the science behind that.


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