Monday, November 5

More Bass Pro thoughts

This is the least sore I've ever felt after a half-marathon. Wow.

As I look back over the weekend, it was a pretty good one. Absolutely no complaints for me with how everything went.

On Saturday, I volunteered at a corner stopping traffic. I also chose to cheer on the runners a bit and offer encouragement. I was just past the two mile mark on the 5K or right around mile 5 on the 10K.

I was a bit surprised when I gave somebody a high five and she said, "I really needed that." So I did it a couple more times.

I sang the Notre Dame fight song a few times for people because it's the only fight song I know. But also the words are cool. "Shake down the thunder from the sky. What though the odds be great or small, old Notre Dame will win over all while her loyal sons (and daughters) are marching onward to victory." I threw in the daughters line as a couple of middle aged ladies passed me and I think they got a chuckle out of it.

I told a few people that they could run faster if they wanted to since they were so close. I could tell that a few of them appreciated the information and others didn't care. It was also interesting to watch the facial expressions of the leaders as they passed me. Visions of focus.

After watching a friend finish her first marathon on Sunday I walked down to the Big Brothers Big Sisters aid station about a mile from the finish line. Clearly a little over a mile from the finish line as I walked there. At this point, we're talking people who were close to the 5 hour mark. Some were running, some were walking.

As I got to the aid station, all the people I knew from Big Brothers Big Sisters were gone. And I had to volunteer with them at the beer tent from 1-3 (or was it 12-3?) so I started to head back. As it was, I hooked up with somebody who said he was struggling. So I walked with him and then we started running. He'd only run about three times in the last month although he'd done a lot of biking. Fairly recently he'd done an Ironman in Kentucky. I'm like wow. How many people here today just completed an Ironman? So it was an enjoyable chat. I was wearing jeans and my race shirt at this point and didn't have on my best running shoes.

What a day! I'd been thinking of going to Memphis next month to run in the St. Jude Half-Marathon, but as much as I enjoyed that race, I don't think this is a good year to do it. And the goal I had is now accomplished. It's time to set my sights on other things, like improving my 5K times. I probably won't race again until a 5K on Dec. 1 and then we'll see how things go.


Blogger Vajra said...

Brian, I just want to say "Thank you," for encouraging others to run on and finish. You inspired me. And just so you know, I've begun training with the hope of completing the Montreal marathon.

November 06, 2007 2:54 PM  

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