Monday, November 5

First Half-Marathon

I don't think anyone can consider me as a speedy runner, but I didn't expect to keep the 10-minute-a-mile pace for my first marathon.

Before the race, we (Mo and I) thought 11 minute-a-mile should be our pace. If we felt good, we could pick up after Mile 7. But it turned out we were running at ease at the beginning and still clocking 10 minutes or so for each mile. We changed our initial plan and decided to run that pace.

After Mile 7, we also realized we couldn't really pick up our speed but our goal was to maintain the speed. It was harder by then but still realistic.

The last 3 miles were hard. I thought of walking, but that was when having a running partner paid off. Following Mo, I kept running.

In previous shorter-distance races, I always had energy left in my legs for a finishing sprint. Not this time, which may be a good sign for I tried hard.


Blogger MS said...

I could tell tangerine had given it all at the end of the race yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago she ran the Sunshine Run 10K here in town, and as she closed in on the finish line, she saw me and a couple of other people cheering her on. Suddenly she got a huge grin on her face and nimbly sprinted around several other runners in the last few yards. She looked like she was coming in from a pleasant morning jog.

Yesterday I again cheered tangerine on near the finish line, but there was no grin, or a nimble sprint. Just a look of determination.

November 05, 2007 10:34 PM  

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