Sunday, November 4

Bass Pro rocked

n- n- now th- that don't kill me can only make me stronger -- Kanye West, Stronger

I (rslight) just wanted to echo Jim Evans' sentiment that today's Cohick Half Marathon was superb. Everything appeared to go right for everyone.
I wish Bass Pro had been my first marathon instead of Chicago. I bet I would have finished around 4:30.
The weather was perfect. There were no huge crowds of people shoving like animals at the water stations. There were no stern police officers ordering us not to run.

Among the memorable moments:
1. bl and I finished under 2 hours in the half-marathon. That's where we belonged.
2. Tangerine and Mo looked like pros in their first half-marathon. I may start calling Tangerine Deena Kastor.
3. While Bass Pro didn't have thousands of spectators like Chicago, it had quality spectators. Take MS, for instance. He didn't just cheer, but offered wise advice. Around mile 9, he told me that I would soon go uphill and benefit by using different muscles. It gave me a positive outlook when I climbed a bridge for the second time.

Since bl thanked Jim Evans for pacing him today, I should probably express appreciation to Pam Sailors for unknowingly pacing me to a 23:20 5K PR in Saturday's Ozark Greenways. It seems like a different person pushes me every week.
I nearly coughed up a lung struggling to stay behind Pam throughout the race. I lost her in the final seconds when an 11-year-old kid thunderbolted past me and threw off my focus.
I also had the Kanye West song "Stronger" stuck in my head, which was oddly motivational.


Blogger bl said...

I haven't even heard Kanye West's new album but I keep hearing about it.

Every race is different and special in its own way. Running Chicago must have been something and you should cherish that memory forever.

Congratulations on your strong races on Saturday and Sunday.

And I just reread your post. Your 5K PR is 23:20. That's my 5K PR!

We should train together more.

November 05, 2007 8:20 AM  

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