Saturday, November 10

Cars and speed

So, I'm barely a mile into my run today when a car slows down and the driver yells out the window, "You're going to have to go faster than that."

It was MS.

Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing. I have to go faster. Today's run was about 3.1 miles to Commercial Street and back. And then business.

What was the business half of today's run? Well, when Mark saw me I was trying to keep my heels off the ground and think a bit about form.

Business was attending to my big goals of the moment. Finishing a marathon is one big goal. But another big goal is finishing a 5K under 20 minutes. At this point, earning a PR in a 5K is also a big goal, thought not as big a goal as finishing under 20 minutes. That's crazy and audacious as a goal should be.

Under 20 minutes in the 5K would be about a 6:15 pace. My 3.1 mile run had me finish right at the Y. I got on the treadmill and after a brief warm-up on the treadmill cracker her up to 6:15 pace. I thought of it as a time trial. I wanted to do a mile at that pace and then cool down. About half a mile in, I had this incredible urge to go to the bathroom that I could no longer put off. The beauty of treadmills, I slowed things down to go to the restroom. But once I stopped running, I no longer needed to use the facilities. So I got on an exercise bike.

Then, after regaining a normal heart rate, I got back on the treadmill. This time I set my sites on a mile in under 7 minutes. My 5K pr is 23:30 which is a 7:32 pace. So a 7:00 pace would be a PR easy. With less than a tenth of a mile, I cranked the treadmill up to the 6:15 pace and finished her out at that speed. It was good.

I feel like I got a good workout in.

Like MS said, I'm going to have to run faster though. Especially if I'm going to catch him. The good news though is that the 7 minute mile didn't seem that hard at all.

My next 5K effort will be Dec. 1 on the Missouri State Campus.

My goal 5K however will be the week after. It will be the first 5K that I've raced for three years in a row. I hope to make at least as much improvement this year as I made last year.

I have a need for speed.


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