Sunday, July 29

Middle mile

Those who run seem to have all the fun -- Madonna, Love Song

There were two unsavory aspects and one delightful factor in Saturday's Cancer Action Grand Prix 5K in Kansas City, which I, rslight, completed.
The race started and ended at General Motors Fairfax Plant. Runners navigated between factories and past smokestacks in an industrial section of the city. Workers wearing hardhats inside a maze of pipes waved at sprinters below.
In other words, it was the ugliest dang course you'll ever experience.

It also felt like 200 degrees. Wait. That's a ludicrous statement. Subtract 80 degrees from that.
The race director said to drink fluids more often than my father did during all my childhood summers.
However, the course was flat, which has become one of my favorite words.

My race goal was to have a good second mile. Kansas City race directors thoughtfully announce your time at each mile. I've noticed that I usually run the first mile in 7:30, but then something wicked happens. My mile 2 time is often 15:50 or 16.
During the Grand Prix, I hit mile 1 in 7:30, which was predictable. I focused on having that strong middle mile, and hit mile 2 in 15:32. Cool, baby, I thought.
Like last week, I failed to have a killer finish. Race results weren't posted on the Internet by mid-Sunday (come on,, but my final time stapled to a race board was 24:41. While short of my elusive 23:53 PR, that was my third best 5K.

This Sunday morning I went ahead and did my 14-mile long run for my Chicago Marathon training. The run went well. The legs feel fine after running non-stop for more than two-and-a-half hours. However, I felt tired and hungry afterward. Although I seldom eat donuts, I thought it would be okay to have a chocolate Krispy Kreme donut since I burned at least 1,500 calories.
I went through the drive-thru and paid for one. Several minutes later I decided to eat it, but when I reached for it, it wasn't there. I had driven off without the donut!


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