Sunday, July 22

Nary a drop to drink

According to my computer, it's currently 76 degrees outside. I knew it wasn't that hot. But at the end of this morning's 18 miles run, I was exhausted. I probably didn't drink quite enough and started out way too fast. There were all these runners on the trail when I started and it was like being a kid in a candy store. If there were people in front of me, I kind of wanted to pass them. But they were never running that much slower than me. But especially after passing a group of women, I felt like I couldn't slow down and then let them pass me or they'd think I was strange.
Then when there were people running towards me, I'd think: Run tall. Lift your knees. Run smooth. Smile. Look confident.
But on those last 8 miles I didn't see hardly anybody. And that's when I started getting tired. Go figure.
The songs in my head also give some sense of how the run went. Early on for some reason, the line, "Somebody's praying Lord, come by here. Oh Lord, come by here."
Later at some point I did pray the Lord's Prayer a couple of times to give my mind something to do. Then a couple of Big Smith songs came through. First there's that song, She Lets me In. In the original, the line is "When I come home late from drinkin', And runnin' around with my friends, You think she'd put me in the doghouse, But she lets me in." That got condensed in my head to "when I come home late from running, she lets me in." Then the last Big Smith line that I oculdn't outrun and I couldn't shake was "Red wine, red wine everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Red wine, red wine everywhere, but nary a drop to drink."
That's when I knew I was in trouble. Singing about drinking red wine. And my water bottle was empty at the moment. (Yes, I recently got a camelback in the mail, but I wasn't using it yet. I was running loops around my car.) So anyway, my route took me by the James River and the Galloway Creek. Fill my water bottle from there? Water, water everywhere, nary a drop to drink. Yep, I couldn't get that Big Smith song out of my head. Fortunately, I had plenty of water at the car and it was only two miles from the nature center.


Blogger MS said...

If you really start seeing red wine everywhere while you're running, it's probably time to stop and get some electrolytes in you. ;-)

It's funny the songs that get stuck in your head when your brain starts to go a little funky at the end of a long run. I had some horrific 80s song that wouldn't go away for the last couple miles this morning...nothing like adding pain to my suffering at that point.

July 22, 2007 9:26 PM  
Blogger bl said...

No red wine. Just water. I saw lots of water. But not a drop to drink.

Your post those reminds me of something else I did this weekend - mostly on Saturday's run. I started counting steps. Mostly just counting to 8 though. And I'd try to see if by counting faster I could fun faster.

I'm not sure how well it worked, but I will try it again.

July 22, 2007 9:41 PM  

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