Thursday, July 19

Had a nice 2-mile run yesterday, my first run since returning to the midwest. It wasn't that much hotter than my runs in California, although it was certainly much more humid.

It was a fun little run, though, because it was four laps around a park next door to a house I used to live in... and the park where I trained for my very first race, a 2-mile fun run, when I was about nine years old. I think I wore a polo shirt and jean shorts, and placed in my age group. It's funny to run and know all the landmarks so well--my favorite tree to climb, second favorite tree, where a friend and I sat to watch some boys, the place the bagpiper liked to stand to play, the place my dog chased a squirrel (the day I was walking her while wearing roller skates)... So maybe now I understand a little more why BL likes to run marathons in cities he's lived in.


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