Wednesday, June 20

Upcoming races

Well, my legs definitely feel like I'm training for a marathon. I guess that's a good thing. I ran 7 fairly hilly miles this morning and had a great workout.

I'm going to do a few races over the new few months but my ultimate goal is to finish strong on Oct. 7 in St. Paul. I'd like to finish less than an hour after new blog contributor MS.

However, I am planning on a few races between now and then. Here's where you should be able to find me:

July 4 - Beat the Heat 2 Miler. (My little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters will likely also run this race.)

July 14 - Pricecutter Charity Y Not Run 10K - a challenging hilly course.

Aug. 25 - Hot'n'Hilly Powerhouse Run 10K - another challenging hilly course.

(The nice thing about these 10ks is I can call them good workouts and tell you that I'm not concerned about my time because the courses are so hilly. It's true and at the same time not true. But it should be a chance to relax and run some hills. )

Sept. 1 - SPIN 5K - a race not far from my house where I plan to run a 21 minute 5K.

Oct. 7 - The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

I'll see you on the roads.


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