Tuesday, June 19

Classic poetic feet - longest run ever

I think sometimes about how this blog has changed since I started it. Back in the beginning, I wanted to run a marathon. Heck, I wanted to run a half-marathon.
Way back then, I weighed a solid 20 pounds more than I do now.
And inspired a bit by my blogging friends, who no longer blog regularly, the early posts were a bit longer.
So, I've decided to dip into the archives and pull out a post from a month before my first half-marathon.
I do this partially because we have so many new readers who weren't around back then.

This weekend I had what was almost definitely my longest run ever. I probably went at least 13.1 miles.

The only problem is I'm not completely sure. It may have been even longer.

Here's what I did. I went to visit my little brother in big brothers big sisters. I got to tell you it's a great program.

Anyway, I called my little brother's mom to tell her I'd be literally running over to pick him up and then the two of us would go for a job.

"Are you crazy?" she said. "Do you know how far away I live? You'll have a heart attack."

"No, I'm not crazy," I replied. "I know pretty much exactly how far away you live. About 5.5 miles and I ran 6 miles just last Sunday. I've run 10 miles once before and so it won't be a problem. I'll be there in about an hour."

About an hour is kind of slow I know, but I didn't want to over do it since I wanted to make sure I had enough gas in the tank to get back home.

There's a trail behind my little brother's house and so we ran to the park which is at least a little over a half a mile. What a run, my little brother lives just west of a street called Golden and the park is just east of a street called Scenic. The trail took a beautiful winding path along a creek through the woods. It's a little over a half mile running from Golden to Scenic.
Unfortunately, little bro at just 10 felt the need to stop a couple of times and say how tired he was. Fine. At the park we ran around the big lake there and then ran back.
On the way back I did some good talking at one point about how my little brother is going to be a great football player because he runs when he's tired. And when he's really tired he knows that is the time to keep going and just keep the legs moving and not stop and not stop and keep going because that's how he'll be incredibly strong and bust through tackles. And yeah. Hoo-hah.
I could have been a drill sergeant.
Anyway, it was running and walking when I was with the little bro, but it was fun and my talking helped him keep going for a while too.
Anyway, I ran all the way home and I'm just happy I made it. More speedwork comes soon.

I knew I wasn't going to have a heart attack, but I think it's time to buy some new shoes.


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