Saturday, June 2

Run like Lightning

Well, I had a good time at the Chris Sifford Day at the Ballpark 5K.

It rained the whole race, and somehow I had it in my head that they'd call the race off if there was lightning. Ha! I saw lightning, but I never saw nobody called the race off. Just fine with me.

I knew I'd get a PR and I did. They haven't posted the race results yet, but I got a 23-something.

I got up and did a little shakeout run three hours before the start and I know that helped some. But I also have this nagging feeling that I could have run faster.

For one thing, in the last mile or so of the race, my shoe came untied. (Double-knot I know, but my shoes never come untied.) This being a 5K there was no way I was stopping to tie my shoe. Anyhow, a good race.

And I think Ryan got a PR also. Congrats! Onward and upward.

It's naptime.


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