Tuesday, June 12

Kenyan outbacks

I tried to do a workout today I heard of called Kenyan outbacks. It's relatively simple. Run an out and back course, running the back part of the course faster than you ran the out part. It's helps the body get used to running negative splits, running faster when you're tired.

I added my own little wrinkle. The out part of my course had a significant downhill so I'd be running back uphill.

I suppose it went OK for the first time I tried this particular workout. I threw a little curve into my route and I'm not sure I had an exact course to measure myself by. Plus, I think the second two miles were slower than the first two miles. So when I got back to my starting point I jumped on a treadmill and ran two miles at a pace definitely faster than the previous four.

The most frustrating part is that I know I could have run a bit harder but I didn't feel very loose. All in all though, six hard miles.

Happy trails.

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