Saturday, February 24


My friend Ryan Slight, who may not even know that this blog exists, just completed his first half-marathon, the Cowtown Half-Maraton in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.

And what perversely makes me feel good is that his finishing time (2:19:49) was slower than my time in my first half-marathon. A full eight seconds slower. (That's a joke. Kind of.)

Anyhow, it's a feat to be proud of.

Currently, however, Ryan's 5K pr is about three seconds faster than mine. Maybe we'll start training together.

I just completed my first week since the marathon of running more than 10 miles. And I've got race plans for the near future, including a 5K on March 17.

Ryan's also got big plans for the future. He's already signed up for the Chicago Marathon.

I remember as I was getting ready for my first marathon, some friends talked about how they were excited for me and living vicariously through my experience. Now I know exactly what they were talking about.

So congratulations again to my friend Ryan.


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