Sunday, February 18

Another poem about joy

I flipped open a book today and found a poem about joy, reminding me of a poem I wrote not too long ago.

It's by, as the book describes him: "the slightly crazed seer-poet William Blake."

Maybe I should study poetry to truly know more about these writers. Anyhow, the similarity between his and mine is a bit strong, I think. Check out the above link after reading this:

"Eternity," 1793

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sunrise.


Blogger R said...

If you like Blake, you should check out Rimbaud, too. And then Blaise Cendrars. Then maybe Frank O'Hara.

February 19, 2007 2:49 PM  

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