Tuesday, September 26

Will there be a monster?

I just read a column from the BBC about the end of oneman's training efforts to run the Loch Ness Marathon. The Loch Ness Marathon. I wonder if instead of hitting the wall, runners meet the monster.

His taper is somewhat injury induced but a doctor told him that his knee won't explode so that's go to be always good news. Here's a passage from the article that I can identify with.

As additional sources of inspiration I've watched "Chariots of Fire" (yes, I know, but the theme music gets me every time) and I've been re-reading Paula Radcliffe's autobiography, "My Story So Far".

So do I feel confident? Yes, in part. But my nerves are on fire and I have a stomach full of butterflies.

My mind's working at a million miles an hour with all the things I'm trying to remember to do this week.

But when it comes right down to it, my focus is firmly on two lines, the one at the start and the one 26.2 miles later.

I aim to achieve my objective of reaching the second one in less than four hours but if I don't I'll still count myself as a winner.

Finishing in under four hours. That's my realistic goal for my next marathon. I ran 16 miles on Sunday, and I feel like that puts me in a good place for preparing for this January race.


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