Friday, September 22

Leadership for the Raiders

There's a great article today in the LA Times about one of my former favorite football teams and the need for leadership.

Basically the article quotes Mr. Raider Tim Brown about the team's current situation. At the moment, the Raiders are, unfortunately, unquestionably the worst team in football.

Here are some great Time Brown quotes from the article:

"I was on some bad teams there, but we were never devoid of leadership," Brown said. "Be it me, be it Marcus Allen back in the day, be it Howie Long, be it whomever. We were never devoid of leadership. And I think right now the locker room is barren."

"So when you have a team where everyone's just out playing — and guys are playing hard, it looks like guys are out there flying around, so that doesn't seem to be a problem — but I think there's a little division between Art and the team. And you have to have leadership in the locker room in order to close that division..."

"Our time with Art back when he was a coach was absolutely great," Brown said. "He would give these hard speeches. He'd start an 8 o'clock meeting on Saturday morning at 7:50, or whenever he came downstairs. Nobody thought it was fair, but guess what, we all started getting there at 7:45. We started doing the things the way he wanted them done. And what happened? We started winning games and making the playoffs and doing a lot of great things."

"Some kind of way, the organization has to raise up a leader in that locker room," he said. "Because if Art is up there giving these great speeches, but everybody's going to the locker room saying, 'Man, what was that?' then it doesn't matter. It's all for naught."

It's like these John Maxwell books say - everything depends on leadersip.


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