Monday, September 18

Grats and congrats

I left something out of my previous post about my new 5K PR .

And that's mention of the awesome performance put in by my training partner Cherie. She finished second among women with a time of 21:37 and 20th overall. Initially I didn't mention this because I figured she's disappointed she didn't finish first among women and first overall. I didn't want to pat her on the back for a performance that she might have felt was less than her best.

But her attitude is pretty inspirational and running with her has helped me in my quest to elevate the intensity of my training. I think it definitely helps to run with faster people because it dispels the notion that I can't keep up.

So congrats to Cherie for running a strong race and thanks for running with me and pushing me to go faster.


Blogger Cherie Kail said...

Well, Geez, Brian. Thanks for the compliment. I take that to heart 100 percent, makes me want to push us harder! Track workouts go the distance and I think we're good for a few more races. It's great to see you cracking new PRs, and I think it's rewarding all around. Kind of like you once told me......when you try too hard, focus on winning, you lose sight of how glorious just doing better than before is. That's the beatuy of what we do. We're not proving to anyone but ourselves that we can be better, train harder, be more efficient. And I have certainly found a wonderful friendship in running. Track workouts, coming soon to a running regimen near you!

September 18, 2006 12:21 PM  

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