Thursday, September 21


Today I was reminded of my main rule of interpersonal communications. Emotions are contagious. I was at a press conference with an annoying reporter who kept asking the same question over and over. It was a brief press conference and this guy dominated a lot of it trying to get a gotcha soundbite. I was not impressed. However a colleague of mine after the press conference was clearly furious. At first I was nervous. Was it something I said?
Once she got talking, I learned she was mad about the same thing that merely annoyed me. As she talked, I got a bit more mad myself. I think this is just the way things go. I think it's simple biologically. When we rode back in her car, she was breathing fast, her temperature rose and clearly I felt that change.
This is something leaders and coaches can use to their advantage though if they pay attention to it. It can be anger, joy or excitement. It doesn't matter. Emotions are contagious.


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