Saturday, September 23

Beauty is truth, truth beauty

I requested a pretty cool book from the library the other day, Runners' World Complete Guide to Trail Running.

In one of the first stories in the book, the author quotes a woman who competed in the 100-mile Western States Endurance Run. She said at one point early in the race, her mind was empty except for a voice quoting a John Keats poem:
Beauty is truth, truth beauty - that is all
ye know on Earth and all ye need to know.

I am convinced I'll be doing lots more trail running and I'll pick up some proper trail running shoes soon.

I headed out to the Sac River trail today with my little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters. We ran a bit and walked a lot. We would have run more except he claimed he was tired. I don't know how many times I've told him not to let his brain trick his body into thinking he's more tired than he is.

We saw cactuses (or cacti) a couple of times and that surprised him because he didn't think we were in the desert. We also saw some droppings which he thought came from mountain lions. Yet we made it out alive without seeing any big cats. And we had some truly beautiful scenery.


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