Thursday, September 14


It's amazing how good my Spanish is when there's a translation right in front of me.
But a few days, weeks or months removed, everything gets tricky.

I was at the Musuem of International Folk Art in Santa Fe back in August during the Camp Marafiki. I came across an exhibit on dichos, pithy little sayings that people in Latin America paint onto the back of their cars. I wrote down some of my favorites but not the translations. They were about love and faith and God, etc....

Anyway, here are some dichos that I enjoyed, although I can't quite remember what they mean.

Si me muebes me sacas todo lo que tengo.

Rojo de amor, pero no de ... verguenza.
(This one I do remember. "I'm red from love, but not shame." Or something like that.)

Caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar.
(Perhaps that's one dicho. Perhaps it's two and I can't make out my notes.)
If it's two, than it should be:
Caminante no hay camino.
Se hace camino al andar.

Si dioes quiere volvere que murmuren las viboras.

Thus, it's clear I need to find a way to take a remedial Spanish class.


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