Monday, March 21

Couch to 10K

I've started my own 3-week couch to 10 K plan.

My goal is basically to finish. I would say to run all the way, but what if it seems like the best thing strategically is to walk a bit. We'll see.

I did a few two-mile runs during the winter to try and get in shape, but it was unsatisfying to run so short. And I was out-of-shape to run faster and it was too cold to really plod along too much further.

Add to that my current overnight work schedule - I generally work from about 6 pm - 5 am three nights a week.

I'm planning to sign up for a 10K on April 10.

Thursday I ran 3 miles, Sunday I ran 2 miles and my plan for the morning is to run 5 miles. Either in the morning or after I sleep during the day. I haven't completed decided yet.

I had originally planned to run 5 miles today but I thought it would be good to take it easy. Later on I realized that my run was kind of like a recovery run. Beautiful. I feel great right now.

It's good to have a goal. I'll come back here to post again and update my training as I try to achieve this simple goal of running in a 10K and getting swept up in the fun of being around a lot of runners.


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